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River Birch Blues

by Janet Leonard
Like a shawl,
a vast gray sky
wraps around
this river birch
as she withstands
winter's chilling breath.

Freezing rain
trickles down steadily
on her bare branches,
creating transparent teardrops,
looking soft like chantilly lace
etched on her spindly form.

Cold winds,
shrill sounds
of winter's whispers,
briskly blow
frozen tears.

she wearily stretches
toward an endless gray sky.
Her weakened limbs sway
like a child reaching for more cover,
wishing for more warmth.

In darkness now,
she cries in seasonal sorrow.
As the blanket cannot be reached,
she bows to remember
warm winds,
blue skies,
birds' lullabies--
dreams of better days.

of spring's secrets,
her first bursts
of springtime green,
ease her troubled mind.

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