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Morning Breaks

by Janet Leonard
Daybreak tosses
her black, starry blanket aside.
Yawning and easing up sleepily,
she stretches quietly, knowingly.

Slowly she spills radiant rays
beyond a soft, blue-gray horizon
emptying her bucket of brightness.
She launches golden glimmers
through silver-lined cumulous pillows,
boldly breaking the nocturnal connection.

As Daybreak splashes her face,
dainty dewdrops cascade,
delicately covering open fields,
lightly misting mountaintops
with sparkling hues of crystaline shimmers.
Water droplets settle on thin blades of grass;
rosebuds, petals and leaves shine, luminous.

Uncurling from nighttime positions,
bundled birds suddenly stir;
swiftly lift bowed heads
to join this morning celebration.

Echoes of sweet melodies
travel through trees,

then waltz through my window
meeting me...

...as I slowly stretch, quietly,
tossing my blanket aside,

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