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The Jewelled Web

by Setiawati Lubis
RealAudio Reading by the Poet
They twinkled in the murky depth of space
Such wicked diamonds that my heart did race
The silence shattered with the sound of sighs
When I looked deep within his dark brown eyes

I held my breath, he whispered in my ear
"Come with me, Love, and please lay down your fear"
He took me in his arms and held me tight
His lips on mine, it filled me with delight.

"I'll show you pleasures that you've never known"
A world of tingling senses he has shown
Where sparkles flew like stars on midnight skies
And passion dances with entwining thighs.

"We shall be lovers of the flesh and soul,"
I am a woman, he has made me whole.
His words still ring so clear within my mind
Cling to them, as I leave my world behind.

The teardrops glisten, pearls upon my cheeks
Exquisite joy as pain upon me wreaks.
My love, a wondrous jeweled web did weave
And bound with unseen cords, I cannot leave.

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Copyright © 1997 by Setiawati Lubis. All rights reserved.