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travelling through time and space...

by Mick Ryan
As Will Shakespeare once said on a 'creative' day
'All the world's a stage...' ..was he inviting us to play?

Well, when a man meets a woman in the world-their playground -
which they know so well
will they opt for the slide -which lead so quickly to hell ...?

or will they take time and make together, castles in the sand-
and as they grow- 'n' travel life's 'highway' -hand in hand?

short- term mutual attraction- a lustful collision-
often followed by life-long regrets or heartless derision.....

a long-term view - a thing of beauty and vision
- two hearts in sync- untroubled by fearful indecision..

two individual shooting stars- that dazzle then implode
two planets, defying science, on the same orbit- their road...

two selfish, superficial , soliloquies dressing every utterance with i, myself and me
two honest, simple halves of one dialogue- us, ourselves and ...we

pointless arguments- screeching demands for obvious 'rights'
soul-shattering silences - 'sqirrel-like' silent, stockpiling of percieved slights-
altercations -acrimony- alimony -even palimony- seems there's no end in sight
buoyed up by family and friends who insist that 'you are right'...

subtle, sudden moves - that'd put a chessmaster to shame
unforgiving, callous tactics- scheming swiftly to win their game.......
in a potential win-win situation, blindly - angrily they choose
when the 'real ' judgement comes- years later- they both lose......

seems it's sadly true that 'once bitten, twice shy'..
and if they hesitate too long .. true love will pass them by......

Well Romeo, Anthony, Adam and Jack
all got 'involved' .... and Julius-like, were brutishly 'stabbed in the back'..
They all gambled- and lost- each in his own way
And failed to note that when fortune invites us to 'play'
We may end up with a 'sour taste in the mouth'
if we simply pick the 'flavour of the day....'

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