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gone but not forgotten...

by Mick Ryan
the May skies were clear, the wind had finally dropped
everyone had come- and for me- time had stopped....
the four immense rectangular tables were set out in a local square
there'd be food 'n' drink 'n' dancin'
and anyone who was anyone
had made a point of being there....

i watched you checking the cutlery, glasses plates , ..and flowers on every table
considered lending a hand...but i just wasn't able..
able to find the words i wanted so much to say
so i simply sat there...'n' finally got in the way...

everything flowed so smoothly with your 'distinguished crowd'
stimulating conversations, huge donations, you seemed so ..proud
proud of your ability to make everyone feel at ease..
you only spoke once to me- and i remember saying 'yes, please'

later, someone told me you were a wine connoisseur, a bon vivant
a leading light in the 'haute societe'......
those fancy names meant squat to me- so i quickly turned away
i knew if i tried to mingle and politely converse
my stammering, stuttering, juvenile efforts would only make things worse
so sipping my wine- thinking of a Bud
felt i was losing control- waiting...was no good

so making my excuses, i took my jacket, rolled my chair away
but i'll never forget you, lovely lady - nor that distant day
in May...................

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