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The Cat

by Clayton Parrish
In Life's little meanings
the dust-bunnies are holding a concert under my bed,
beckoning their friends to join the party.

Unbeknownst to them,
the cat has decided to play a game of ping pong
and they are all invited.

Back and forth,
back and forth they go.
In a vain attempt to save themselves
they cling, holding on for dear life
to this marauder, hoping, praying
that they can survive this torturous game.

The cat explodes suddenly into the air,
twisting and turning,
trying desperately to elude his attackers.

Nothing works.
In sheer panic he claws and gouges
to dislodge these unruly partygoers.

He tears them to pieces
and stands over their broken remains.

Satisfied that Duty has been done,
he sneezes and walks away.

Cat, by Clayton Parrish

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