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Stonehenge Up Close
Alan Harris

Stonehenge, a prehistoric stone monument, is located in the county of Wiltshire, England, about 8 miles north of Salisbury. Connected with its origin and history are many myths and theories (see links below). Basically a round structure containing large stones arranged at many angles, Stonehenge offers unlimited visual opportunities to any photographer. The photos in this presentation were taken on a cloudy, intermittently rainy day, with the light gray of the clouds complementing the darker gray of the stones. You may notice that the views are progressing sequentially counterclockwise in this virtual walk-around.

The first slide is an artist's rendition of a Stonehenge ceremony before the decay of the monument.

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Links to information about Stonehenge:
Wikipedia article
English Heritage: History of Stonehenge
English Heritage: Description of Stonehenge

Photography by Alan and Linda Harris
using Canon Powershot A95 and Kodak DC280 digital cameras

Location: Stonehenge, county of Wiltshire, England,
8 miles north of Salisbury
July, 2007

Photographs and text by Alan Harris. All rights reserved.

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