An Everywhere Oasis: Bio of Alan Harris and Web Site Portfolio


Alan Harris-5/2011 Alan Harris (Photo: Sophia Sims)
Alan Harris, born to a farming family in Earlville, Illinois, retired from a 22-year career with Commonwealth Edison, Chicago, where he had served as a computer programmer, systems analyst, and Web developer. Between 1982 and 1995 he print-published ten books of poems and aphorisms for friends and family. These books and all subsequent poetry collections are now on the Web at Noon Out of Nowhere - Collected Poems. His entire literary collection (poems, essays, aphorisms, short stories, and photographic essays) is found at An Everywhere Oasis, with his free 27 books in PDF format downloadable at PDF Books. He is a past president of the Illinois State Poetry Society.

Other Web Sites Designed

Brian J. Harris Method
Brian J. Harris, a private percussion instructor in Tucson, Arizona, has developed a new method for beginning students which he has captured in his book The Snare Drum Plays the Zoo. In his website he discusses his novel teaching techniques and offers his method book for sale.

Jared Smith, Poet
Jared Smith is a prominent figure in contemporary poetry, technology research, and professional continuing education. He has six critically acclaimed volumes of poetry to date, plus hundreds of publications in literary journals across the nation over the past 30 years. Sample poems and an essay are included in his site.

Manly P. Hall: Resources & Inspirations
Manly P. Hall (1901-1990) was a prolific philosopher and speaker who wrote over 200 books and delivered over 8,000 lectures during his lifetime. In 1928 he published The Secret Teachings of All Ages, a large illustrated book explaining ancient lore and symbols. The site contains all of his journals and book titles, with topics.

Illinois State Poetry Society
The Illinois State Poetry Society was chartered in 1991 to encourage the crafting and enjoyment of poetry in Illinois, and it is actively working at its mandate. Every two months, beginning in June, 2000, poems written by ISPS members are posted in this site. Anyone (not only Illinois residents) may join ISPS.