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Suddenly, In Silence

by Sunita Fernandes

The navy blue train chugs tiredly, pulling its sky blue windows 
Past my stagnant gaze;
Its mournful siren blares backwards and 
Occupies my ears.

Overhead, amidst the cacophony of shrieking parakeets, 
The barbetís tenor and the 
Mynahís soprano combine to create a 
Symphony of sorts.

Butterflies, dressed in flowing fudge-brown and gold wings 
Sashay soundlessly between 
Hibiscus bushes.  Kissing scarlet, orange, white and fuchsia blooms;
Hoping for nectar from buds yet to open.

Abruptly, all is quiet; I can feel myself breathe.
Now in, now out.
With eyes shut softly, and silence within, I see in creation
Loveís ecstatic jubilee.

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Copyright © 2009 by Sunita Fernandes. All rights reserved.