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Nighttime City

by Sunita Fernandes
Staring out into lavender twilight,
Above the square, dimly-lit windows of
Concrete, distempered homes, I see hundreds of
Circling gray eagles and Brahmani kites
Crowd the air-current waves.
They vie for the highest to
Glide effortlessly on, untamed.

Later, like an after thought,
The luminous yellow moon -
An opaque bone-china plate -
Makes a belated appearance and
Stares at the soft, cotton-puff, silver
Clouds spread across the navy-black sky.
Night's gigantic X-ray, unwrapped.

Stars scintillate and embellish.
Seamed on velvet firmament with
Spider web yarn -- these are the
Ornaments of the heavens.
They live on, and on.
Obedient to Your commands,
Following Love's rules, unfettered.

Trees, stiff from old-age,
Stand still and quiet, as though
Meditating in the evening hush.
The lone black bat flaps silently,
Hovers, flaps again and
Changes direction, chasing after an
Invisible evening meal, unseeing.

This stunning beauty that engulfs me
Is disorienting, almost.
It is meant for everyone and yet, no one.
All this because you loved us first, Lord.
My soul gasps with a sob.
My whispered 'thank you' can
Never be enough.

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