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Daily Prayers

by Sunita Fernandes
Feb. 24, 2004; 10:00am
Springtime Tubobeia

It's springtime in Bangalore, and
On Chowdaiah Road you see a
Riot of yellow.
Tubobeia in full bloom.
There's not a spot of green, only Yellow
Bursting forth from every
Twig on every branch.

Sunflower yellow, thick milky
Turmeric yellow.
Yellow that exalts Your Name, Lord.
It is beauty that I
Sometimes cannot fully
Behold with
My mortal eyes.

You, Creator of all things, You also created me.

Teach me Lord, to
Reach for that beauty within.
And having done that, to shine a
Bright Yellow that is
My very own.

Feb. 26, 2004; 9:00am
On Knowledge & Wisdom

Lord, this construction of
Fly-overs all over Bangalore.
The scooping of top-soil by earth movers,
The uprooting of majestic avenue trees,
The scraping of insignificant weeds and wildflower plants.
The desecration of the Earth, the plunder,
The destruction of all that You so lovingly created.

But Lord, I wonder if
You see it the way I do.
Instead, are you looking
Down on mankind, and
Seeing the advancement in
Knowledge and understanding,
Taking delight in allowing Man to
Discover and invent all that
You already know?

Feb. 27, 2004; 9:10am
Development & Need
Lord, I noticed something today on my way to work.
The most squalid slums in the city
Are lined up along the railway track.

Feb. 29, 2004; 7:15am
Innocence Busted

At Mass today, my eyes
Locked with Innocence. The bright,
Trusting, dark-as-pitch eyes of a 2-year-old.
I looked and Innocence turned away
Shyly, unable to hold the gaze of
Of Wordly Knowing.

Thank you, Lord, for
Showing me the Innocence that I was
A long time ago.
And the ugliness now within.
Teach me to go back and
Lock eyes with my very own
Universe inside of me, and
Learn once again,
With all the trusting simplicity
Of a 2-year-old.

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