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by Susan Eckenrode
He weeps with joy at the sight of her
reaching far into the clouds,
looking upon him with the air
of a disdainful monarch.
He can feel her icy breath
as he nears her towering peaks.

He is within a moment
of the very spot on which
she turned him away
those long years ago...
so cruelly brushing him aside
like a broken branch of deadwood tree.

All he wants now is just
to touch her heart once more
and feel its throbbing song
deep within his anguished soul.

Pray she stays her anger;
for she changes in an instant
from cool, serene and dressed
in verdant green
to a blazing demon
racked with seething rage,
devouring all within her reach.
With wrathful roars,
she strips her royal robes
and rains her fiery fury, far below.
Then stands, scarred and smug,
in her naked glory.

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Copyright © 2004 by Susan Eckenrode. All rights reserved.