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Shadow Dance

by Pat O'Hare
From the blackness of the eastern mountains
emanates the suggestion of a glow. Softly it glimmers, brightens again
She rises...
silver and silent above an unworthy planet. Up she floats, higher, slipping her
silken bonds.
Adrift in space, she lifts, pale and glowing, in the ebony of night.

Without warning, oily tendrils creep stealthily across her feet, ebbing forward,
smoky quartz insinuating, slithering, wrapping a covering veil tightly closed about

It is the Mystery of Luna Eclipsed, shadowed by the earth. Yet,
amazingly, she transcends her capture by allowing the radiance of
sunsets and sunrises untold bronze her countenance, and she
basks in their wash.

Myriad wispy clouds dance before her, creating a gown of swirling,
pearlescent tangerine--the Moon in Scorpio--a gleaming goddess in
sweeping folds of palest silk. A glowing illusion of grace and spectacle,
pirouetting still higher amid the star-struck planets and the gaping

And I, a mere mortal, bow to her shining majesty, which lifts my heart
and speaks to me of the hand of God.

Total Lunar Eclipse
October 27, 2004
Southeastern Arizona

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