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Come Out To Play

by Nicholas John Street
in a bare room a window covers one wall
the window is black, a cold light reflects
nothing is seen beyond
on the opposite wall, a makeshift altar
on it are two candles made of wood
before them kneels the beast

from outside the window
comes the voices of children
laughing, taunting.
"look", they laugh,
"he's worshipping candles
that give off no light!"

and the beast's rage boils
he runs at the window snarling
his face contorted in anger, hatred
a bluff of course, he can see nothing outside
"Oh how scary!", laugh the children

an image flashes through his mind
of playing and laughing in the light
the contorted face softens to confusion
half-thoughts grope in the mind-mist
through a familiar room, made instantly strange

"the light that was my light is darkness..."
"all I knew is all that is here..."
"and there is nothing here....but lies"

the confused face becomes yearning
hidden deep in the heart of the beast
a forgotten child tentatively reaches out
tries to peer into the silent blackness
his hand touches nothing but unfeeling glass

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