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by Nicholas John Street
Tumbling waves now cease
Prostrate themselves ashamed
Before the sun's presence and glory
The storms have whipped and raged forever
Winds summoned by rebel gods
Whirling, they screamed in defiance
"Cover the depths, obscure what lies beneath!"

Now the wind falls to a breath
The great sea surrenders
Bows to sunbeams from the greater star
Sparks of light dancingly reflect
They leap from tip to tip
Like mischevious sprites
On the waves now gently moving

And the light penetrates to the depths beneath
To a world of secrets long hidden from day
And as I gaze into the seeming blackness
Intangible forms take shape before my eyes
Faces peer upwards, bemused by parting shadows
Long lost friends and ancient foes?

I thought you drowned
In the sunken kingdom
That now returns to my eyes

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Copyright © 2000 by Nicholas John Street. All rights reserved.