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The Way It's Done

by Nancy Clark
"Turn that faucet back now to just a little stream.

No need to fill the sink with water and soap bubbles

before you even start to wash the first piece.

See, just an inch or so of water gets you started.

Keep it hot enough to make a difference. 'Twon't hurt ya!

That's right, glasses first, then silverware. Plates come next,

but be sure you've scraped 'em off already. Save the big things,

greasy pans and such for last. That's the order of it.

Now, use that little stream from the tap to rinse

as you go, and it'll fill up the sink real slow.

It don't waste water that way, ya see. Be sure to rinse

all the soap off now. It's like a game, don't ya know:

You try to get all through the washing and the rinsing

Before the sink fills to the top. Yer doin' fine, just fine.

I'll dry right along and we'll be done at pretty much

the same time. Would you believe I showed your Gramma

how to do this years ago when we was first married.

She'd be right huffy to admit that, so don't say I told you."

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