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Night Flight

by Nancy Clark
In the dark I lie
heavy with wakefulness
on the Posturpedic
because a worry scurries
back and forth behind my eyelids.

"Let it out!" I shout without a sound...
so as not to wake the dog...
and thrust open my eyes,
hoping for its escape through those portals
before it does more damage.

And I stare a while out the big window
as a starry sky inches
its way back of the tall pines.

If only I could slide up
high on one of those pine poles now,
I'd step off onto the first star passing by
and curl up inside it
for the night.

Even if I cared to glance back down,
I would probably be too far away
to see the dog chasing the worry,
now hiding inside
one of my shoes beside the bed.

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