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Aloft, Away

by Nancy Clark
When it is time for me to go
It will be a windy day
And I shall make my way outside
My house, depart those walls that held
The winds away, while I, untouched,
Might spread jam on my homemade bread,
Let bright, hot water soak my skin,
Might laugh and sip my tea, then drunk
With comfort, slip to games and dreams.

That day I'll stand full in the blow
In wind of heft and heavy breath
And watch the treetop branches toss
Like leafy arms in motion, waving
Both in greeting and goodbye.
That wind will rough my hair and brush
My eyes and I'll breathe in, breathe in
As if to fill my single sail.

When it is time for me to go
As to a pillow, I'll recline
On one gust missioned just for me,
Be lifted on a buoyant bed
Of air, borne lightly on and flanked
With dancing leaves of autumned oak,
And trailing shreds of gravity
I shall be swept aloft, away.

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