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a familiar journey...

by Mick Ryan
she'd been working up to this moment - for only God knows how long
perfectly at ease and in control- even hummed a spiritual song
familiar faces and places - happily passed before her eyes
sweet distant memories- her most precious, eternal prize

and now, like a bolt from the sky, she saw her day finally arrive
she felt so lightheaded... and so alive...........
smiling, angelic faces turned to greet her as she passed
and familiar men, her trusted guides, were there, to lead her home, at last......

after years of self-denial passed dispensing loving care
she was still a woman- so she ran a finger, lightly, through her hair
she laughed inwardly at this long-forgotten 'feminine' trait
never had time for hair before- with more urgent matters on her plate

and passing through the veil
love just flowed to greet her
and the spirit some know as Issa
simply said- welcome home,... Mother Teresa

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