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Time and Art

by Mary Lambert
After a visit to the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art
Time's conundrum
answers all questions;
resolves all mysteries.

Its art shapes the folds of
our soul in an attitude of
prayer or arrogance.

This mysterious potter
is subtle, and moves like
breath on water.

Without it, there is
Nothing, Nada


Lee Bontecou's creations--
so intricate and complicated--
float in gallery air, each hair-like
wire and thread speak the message
of the muse.

Each eagle's head, bird's feather,
talon, round bead or half-moon sings its
phantasmagoric part in the chorus that
honors the whole.

On its own, the piece slowly turns,
pausing to let an entranced audience
name the shapes that form its
unending diversity and breathtaking balance.

One thinks of nebulae and sea creatures;
chaos and chemistry; and the artful
creations that come with evolution.
Each emergence, brings new, breathtaking
discoveries not seen on previous turns.

At the same time, on another level,
one sees a fantastic space ship, full of light.
Such metals have not yet been discovered.
This is what it takes to travel the galaxies!


If only we could form such an attitude
to our planet which also turns and pauses
in its course!

The unerring balance of so many
disparate parts held together by
strength and beauty is what our world is.
What is the secret of such composure,
such freedom?

Does the creative force of our universe
whisper its whims and formulae to
the artist?

If she embraces the muse
in dance and is open to the miracle
of conception, art speaks and
transcends time.

Our task is to understand the message.

And thus we stand in awe,
opening the heart and communing
with the fantastical progeny
brought by time, art and the willingness
to dance.

Selection 9 of

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