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A Christmas Prayer

by Mary Lambert
O Almighty Seer,
Let us love purely, humbly.

Not in the name of war and freedom,
but in the name of freedom only!

Let us know the blue of your sacred eye,
the red of your sacred heart!

Show us your golden halo as well as
the thorny knee you pray on.

Let us blend our hearts and minds
holding the child, praising the lamb
and touching the Christmas Star.

Let us reverberate within your
Eternal Truth through our struggle
of living and loving.

Let us not be fooled by spirit
used as a shill for war--following deluded
popes and kings of past ages.

As thy light gathers, heralding the path
which leads to Thee, sooth our rage
and confusion.

Let us know your Star of the East,
even in the midst of such ugliness
in the Great White House.

Let us understand that love has
no opposite!

East brings Light; East brings Truth;
East is the opening to all.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Amen!

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