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Selection 2 of

A Thought

by Linda Etheridge
The summer sun
  sends out its band
a flaxen flash
    on grey peat sand.
In swiss chard dream
    they run towards sea
a juniper triad
      on wildwood beach
there are grapes and peaches
      a time to be free.
Under colorful rays and pink sand
    umbrellas billow
sandpipers sway.
    It's nearing two
an ice cream vendor
    nears the three
  at an old Ford's fender.
    The car was special
  long ago, now its marred
    time to go.
  Finally with a taffy twist
    three salty souls head home
  behind them, the ocean mists.
    The shore is sovereign
  deep and cool
    It's a palace of open light
      nobody's fool.

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