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Become the Night

by Janet Reid
Listen to the stars
as they pour themselves
into the growing darkness,
the last lingering light of day
melting into the horizon.

Become the sunset slowly sinking
and the deepest hue of blue
that spreads across the sky,
the peacefulness of night
running through your veins.

Let the stillness surround you
when the auroras dance
the dance of the seven veils
to the woeful tune of the lonely loon
as it lifts its voice to the silence.

Become the gentle breeze
that drifts across the lake;
the shimmer on the water
that caresses every feather,
and feel her with your soul.

Feel the moonlight
dripping through the trees,
as the haunting symphony
of the majestic timber wolf
echoes through the moonlit forest.

Become the branches
in his canopy of trees
and the lichen on the rocks
on which he pads his feet,
and listen with your heart.

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