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Edith's Light

by Janet Leonard
Light flickers with a lingering effect--
delicately catches sparkly shimmers
in Edith's jewel-tone sequined sweater.

An angelic smile illuminates
in pleasant crisscrossed conversations
between others seated at the table.
She tenderly cradles feeble fingers
like a baby, finally settles them in her lap.

Hearts hear the ins and outs
of awareness--

"Did I meet her?"

"Yes, Mom, you met her five minutes ago."

More smiles are exchanged
as miles and miles of memories mix--
resurfacing as she jubilantly joins voices,
blending in harmonies of old hymns.

As the last chorus ends,
another sweet smile appears.
She speaks quietly,

"Tell me--did I meet her?"

"Yes, Mom, just minutes ago,
just a few minutes ago."

You just don't know.

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