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Tears of Sadness

by Janet M. Charter

Tears slipping down my face, I am holding the ring you gave.

Saving the small gold band of dead promises.

Vows said with by two, who made a pledge of forever.

Never thought the day would come that I would be alone.

Throwing the small band of gold now tarnished into the river.

River twisting, and turning like my heart does now claims the ring.

Never shall I curse someone else the same fate as I have suffered.

Suffering the cold reality that love can fade.

Into its cold watery grave the band of gold will rest silently alone.

Alone like I am now, I walk away without looking back.

Racking with pain I now stand before a man called on to separate us.

Thrusting papers to be signed, I slowly write the name I had taken.

Ending even the ownership of my name, I return to my maiden name.

Framed little certificate saying Mr., and Mrs. is removed from the wall.

Recalling the frame is an empty place of honor.

Honoring our love, you cheated, and walked away.

Touching the pictures with so many memories, I divide them among the children.

Children, I had thought we created out of love.

Dried between the pages of a bible, I take the flowers you gave.

Faded I hold them too over the river to claim.

Came back to the spot the gold band rest, I join them for one final time.

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