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Symphony of Creation

by Eunice Perkins
There's an orchestra that's playing
And we each can have a seat
Without money, without ticket,
Can't you hear the rhythmic beat?
It is pounding in the ocean,
It is drumming in the sea,
Composition played in harmony.....
A concert that is free.

Can you hear the pan flute chorus
In the evening in the breeze
As it pipes across the heavens,
As it hums high in the trees?
There's a violin that joins it
As the wind tunes up its song
Till the bow is hot with melody
And the resonance is strong.

A harp is softly stroking
'Cross a rippling field of wheat,
Unseen fingers gently strumming
To a flowing, swaying beat.
In the caverns of the mountains
An oboe and bassoon
Echo rock to rock, performing
To a solemn, sombre tune.

Hear the waterfall that tinkles
With a xylophone of sound,
And the clashing of the cymbals
As it splashes to the ground.
In the fields and in the forests
Hear the piccolo of birds
All accompanying the music
Of a song too sweet for words.

Booming drumroll from the cloud-mass,
Woodwind strikes up wild refrain.
Right on cue the soft shoe shuffle
Of the dancing feet of rain.
The performance is completed
By the tap-dance of the hail,
And it reaches a crescendo
With the trumpet of the gale.

Yes, the orchestra is playing...
Can you hear it with your heart?
Creation's joyous music
As each section plays its part.
It's a symphony that's given,
Each performer put in place
And conducted by the Maestro,
To delight the human race.

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Copyright © 2003 by Eunice Perkins. All rights reserved.