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Winter's Solemn Song

by Daniah Lababidi
Ancient trees stand staunch
against winter's icy wind,
erect in their plucky pride,
forbidding bared branches to bend.

Snowflakes pile
into miniature ridges of white
reflecting the
moon's resplendent beams.
Scattered stars wink--
glistening specks of silver--
in the sky's coal-black canvas.

A coyote calls its wailing song
loneliness and gnawing hunger,
sustaining itself on the slight hope
of capturing an unwary feast.
Snake of smoke filament,
the ghost of burnt wood,
wafts into celestial care.

Retrieved, fallen tinder burns
encompassing the ebony light,

Before the blaze sits a maiden,
wavy coppery strands framing
delicate features.
Eyes of emerald green shimmering
with tears, she stares
into winter starkness.

Long fingers trace the strings of a harp,
held in the curve of her arms,
birthing a forlorn melody of loss.
She seeks peace as each note
becomes the voice of her aching heart.
The harp's desolate cries soar to the heavens
beseeching her love to return.

As dawn awakens,
she sits with her
aching harp.

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