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by Daniah Lababidi
Your image flutters
in the dimming light of my mind.
Contours of your upturned lips
luminate my existence.

My lips move
imploring seconds darting by
to slow their pace...
intermit the fall
into nightly oblivion.

My heart pounds
in desperation to cling on.
Lashes tremble, ears perk up
for the deep pitch of your voice.

Fervent fingers lance out,
cutting through memory chords
to where you once tucked into me.

Your musky sweet scent inmixed
with the lavender softness of your pillow.

all I hear is silence,
and all I feel is emptiness
dissolving your distinct aroma.

Finally, I give in,
sliding into consoling soporific limbo,
seeking you...
the ikon of my dreams.

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Copyright © 2007 by Daniah Lababidi. All rights reserved.