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Over the Waters

by Clayton Parrish
     There is a place over the waters
Where a land of peace and tranquility
     Blurs the terrain,
A place of nature's passions,
You'll never be the same.

     The fish jump with a sliver of excitement,
Smothered in the songs of festively colored birds.
     Plants with dew-kissed leaves abound,
Filling the empty places of the soul,
With soft tropical breezes that prowl the shore,
Peeling the many layers of delicate fragrance
     From the flowers of life,
Sending me off to another place, another time.

     The silent brilliance of the blue lagoon,
Untouched by moonlit eyes and unfinished memories
Of a healing heart, holding on
To remind me of my journey,
The rebirth of hope
That dwells in the velvety soft beauty
Of a wife's touch.

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