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Why can't you hear me?

by Charlie Morgan
They sent me to Europe, to Korea and more
they sent me to places they did not call a war.
they sent many thousands who looked just like me
they told us we were fighting to keep the world free...

But free I'm not,
and for a long time I've known
that never again will my life be my own...
I was captured in Poland, in Korea, in 'Nam,
or killed in Italy, the Pacific, or Bataan,
but why can't you hear me? why the deaf ear?
don't you know I did this even though filled with fear?

Yet forgotten I am, so it seems to me
My country, My America, My Land tis of Thee
and its people forget that their freedom so dear
was paid for with the lives of those of us here.

Some may still live in places unknown,
many still lay where their bodies were thrown,
when whatever happened that brought death very near,
I gave all I had for your freedom so dear.

Please remember, when you see my Flag,
that under its banner many a man was dragged
who had given his life for your freedom so dear--
why can't you hear me when I am so near?

You hear our victory in the battles we won,
when you pick and choose the people who run
for the offices that you vote for, yet you seem not to care
that for your single vote a life was left there.

You see our pride in the Red White and Blue,
for under its beauty we gave our lives for you
that you might live fully and live truly free,
yet you pass by our Emblem, and sometimes don't see
that it waves to those who have died for its glory...
why can't you hear me, have you forgotten my story?

We don't ask much, we who remained in those places,
only that America, land of all races,
remember that I, and many like me,
gave all we had so YOU could be free...
So don't make us ask
if you still hear our cries...
why can't you hear us?
did you forget that we died?

Rev. Charles Morgan, Chaplain
American Legion Post 26
Bristol NH

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