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Selection 18 of

Mother's Secret

A Ballad

by Alan Harris
Tell me a secret of living, dear Mother,
     a new one I've never been told--
some hint about life to remember you by
     that will stay with me when I've grown old.

"An overlooked secret of humans, my child,
     is that each is a seed that will flower,
and that each has a future of limitless joy,
     whatever the pains of the hour.

"And I tell you that no love has ever been lost
     nor is anything out of place—
that your work is to strive, to give and to know
     in this journey through time and space.

"Your grandmother told me the same when she died
     and I willingly pass it along.
May your living go deeper than what you can see
     and your heart hear the Infinite Song."

Now rest, dear Mother, and sleep your sleep
     in a region where pain is unknown.
As long as I live I will treasure your words
     and will pass them along to my own.

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