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Sanctuary Cove

Tucson, Arizona
by Alan Harris
Chapel at Sanctuary Cove, Tucson, Arizona

Here is a chapel
simple enough
to welcome all creeds,
all vegetation,
all birds,
all humans.

People of vision built it up
out of stone to serve souls
upon this quiet foothill
near Safford Peak.

Visitors come for prayer
or meditation or escape
or inner alignment
and enter into its peace.

Not a myth, this place--
mortared local stone,
cactus needles fully sharp,
red earth of ancient lava.

When outer living has led
to a thirst for contemplation,
a path leads you to the door.

Walk in. Adjust your eyes.
Choose a bench for sitting.
Beliefs fade into Silence
opening into Mystery
as doves out on the roof
are cooing a knowing
that you lost long ago.

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