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Selection 3 of

Midnight Musings

by April Ardis Anderson
tickety-tock... closer to midnight!
What creatures enter then, stirring fright?
Walliguts? Onswats? Forats? Pigglers?
Or maybe Snorufers, Booderputs, and Dekaburg Wigglers?
Oh what horrors to be seen!
What claws and teeth and ever so keen
beedy eyes will appear between
the shadows and the dark!
Alas, midnight! Run for the hills!
Run, you fool, 'fore your blood on this floor spills!
A slash, a gash, perhaps an itchy rash
will upon your thin skin appear!
A bloodcurdling scream in the night that
only in their dreams will they hear!
And then come morning, wide-eyed and awake
they'll gaze at your body swearing some snake,
some rare poisonous creature
gobbled (but spat) you up ('cause you're sour
probably due to lack of a shower)
or did something to give you that froze facial feature!

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