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Note: This is an archived guestbook (2000-2006).
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12/6/2006: David James
I liked Sunita Fernandes poems. Growing up in Bangalore her angst has a poignant and familiar feel.

9/8/2006: David Landing
hello, very nice; Mary Lambert sounds very familiar to me, but I forget easily and I can't recall from where. I like the one with the 'Bryce' canyon picture, since that's close to home for me. Thank-you.

5/24/2006: John Foreman
Excellent poem by Mike Jaycox. It sets a beautiful mood that I enjoy each year myself. I knew he had the soul of a poet. Jakes, The Factor and I miss you. Send me an e-mail and let me know how everything is going. John

3/6/2006: C. Morgan
"The Girl in the Hayloft" by Tom Forbes is a beautiful story. I am so glad to find this web site.

10/4/2005: Sinto Antony
HeartPlace is a wonderful place.... I came HeartPlace through Google search as I was searching about my native place Chalakudy and luckily, I could read " Chalakudy " by Sunitha Fernandes and enjoyed. Looking forward to see an acknowledgement from Sunitha..

8/15/2005: Scottie Pritchard
Nancy Clark, thank you for the lovely essay "Blown Away". I spent 5 good years of my childhood in Ottawa Illinios and the Hilliard bridge played big in my memories. I'm sad to know it is gone. I would love to see a picture of that old bridge.

6/29/2005: Patti Peters
I loved "LIAR", "AIDS" "I the Unborn" The others too were good. Reading Sunita Fernandes' poems, you literally are able to understand her trend of thought. Watching the suffering children on M G Road, she suffers with them - her description of Chalakudy is so real and I could relate to this as I travelled from there too.

6/1/2005: harry adrian
Nancy Clark enjoyed reflections as I reflected on "Invocations"

5/28/2005: Lee Bennett Hopkins
I am trying to find JOHN KENT to use his work in a children's book on WAR. The last email address I have for him is USMCez21 Might you help? Thank you.

5/4/2005: Heather
Very impressed with some of the frequent contributors. Poetry is not dead.

4/27/2005: Vanessa
Hi, I really enjoyed your page, I will most definitly be coming back! Vanessa

2/28/2005: Nancy Clark
To Paul Carr: I was never aware of a source of Bill's little jingle about his name. Please see footnote now attached to "Bill."

2/26/2005: Paul Carr
Seems to me that the start of Nancy Clark's essay; BILL, starts of very similar to Eugene Field's Jest 'Fore Christmas.

10/22/2004: jody walker
nice to see mike jaycox writing again

10/7/2004: beverly mian
Tks M. Lambert & A. Harris (Heartplace) Today's odyssey bought me to your site I am an irrational lunar child

9/9/2004: Charlene
I am new to your page. I enjoyed it thoroughly, thank you.

4/27/2004: ganesh
Hello Sunita! Greetings from B.R.Hills!! Excellent, will visit often... Regards, Ganesh B.R.Hills

2/11/2004: Edwin Fernandes
Excellent. Keep it going.

1/30/2004: Janet Leonard
Cary Kelly's work is here! What a treat for all readers. Add another grand writer to the great list of authors at Heartplace Magazine. Janet L.

1/29/2004: Janet Leonard
Hello, Daniah Lababidi! It's nice to see that you have arrived in Heartplace Magazine. Happy writing and sharing~ Janet

1/28/2004: Janet Leonard
Ooh, nice to see your outstanding work here, Janet Reid! This is such an impressive magazine. JLeonard

1/21/2004: Susan Eckenrode
I followed a lead left by Laryalee to this wonderful site. I have been browsing and reading some of the marvelous work featured here. I'm pleased to see such a variety of quality poetry, including some rhymed and metered pieces. I'll offer a couple of my own for consideration and will come to read frequently. Susan Eckenrode

1/18/2004: Margarita Engle
Dear Alan Harris, I enjoyed browsing through the wide range of poems on this site, and I look forward to submitting a few of my own in the future. I'm very glad our mutual friends the Van der Lindens sent you my haiku card. Your copy of Dreaming Sunlight is in the mail. Thanks, Sincerely, Margarita Engle

1/16/2004: Patricia
Janet Leonard's poems make me smile and get quiet. I have sat in the crescent of the moon at times. Thanks for reminding me to pay attention.

9/13/2003: Mario
Sunita, your words have the music that I can't hear and your sweet spirit the passion of the summer noon Thanks for this wonderful moment

9/10/2003: Laryalee Fraser
I was pleased to come across this inspirational site... delighted to see fellow Canadian Carol Desjarlais on board, also to read Juanita DeHart again. There are many wonderful writers here, and I will return!

8/1/2003: Jeanette Dunn
I am just catching up with some of my good friend's pieces that she has submitted recently and to Nancy Clark I say, "Orchids to you!"

1/28/2003: Larry Bishop
Greetings from Lawrence Bishop.

8/20/2002: David W. Proctor
Cynthia Proctor what a lovely name. My wife too doth bear the same. Although, you are a poet I'm afraid she is not. Come to think of it nor am I so enough of this rot. Silly I know, but forgive me if you will see your web page and name brought us both such a thrill. We enjoyed your poetry, and both wish you well. We read all you had posted and thought they were swell.

2/3/2002: Zan Higgins
As, I wait thur one more active experience to end for my middle child, I find myself greeting the dawn, filling a sink with HOT water and enjoying the steamy comfort of a cup of tea. You never cease to amaze me! Thanks!

1/2/2002: Navin
Sunita F: Liked your depiction of "Hunger on M.G. Road". Well, I have made umpteen sojourns on MG Road, always admiring the glitz and glitter of the neons, but never stopped to reflect on the not-so-fortunate of our brethren. The next time I am there, I am sure your poem will remind me. I loved your other poems too. If you have more, I would love to read them. Navin.

9/6/2001: Jeanette Dunn
Nancy Clark: When I read DAWN, I can see your view of the lake as you and Dick are getting up to begin your day. I sense that you have become used to the feeling of early morning in the south. IN TOUCH tells me that you are close to home here. We look forward to your return. Jeanette Dunn

6/28/2001: Dion Trish
To Sunita F., Loved the poems you sent me. Didnt know you had this wonderful talent although I'm not suprised to find out. Behold, make way for one of our own!

5/17/2001: Alan Harris
To John Kent: Thanks very much for leaving your guestbook entry today in Heartplace (below). I appreciate your compliments on my own poems and on the site in general. Mary Lambert and I feel honored to have your poems included here--they lend an authenticity and rich resonance beyond the specific meanings of specific words. As a place to find in the middle of the Web's competitive frenzy, I think that Heartplace is gradually growing into an island of cooperation and aspiration. Its effects may be subtle, but I hope salutary for our readers. Keep sending the poems.

5/17/2001: John Kent
Been reading your poems, Alan. Wonderful images that bring it all to life and bring me to there. I especially enjoy your poems of season and nature. They are small works of art and are worthy of repeated readings. The caliber of poetry on Heartplace is richly varied in style and of first rank. I feel privileged to have my poems included.

5/9/2001: Zan Higgins
Nancy Clark you are a true inspiration to me and will always be. I have truly enjoyed your writings!

4/12/2001: Jeanette Dunn
Re: Nancy Clark For the parents of Marilee, I say, "well done!"

10/21/2000: Jassmine
What a wonderful site I enjoyed my visit very much hope you will come and visit me on the web You could come and chat with me to or post to my message board. We have a chat and forums for soulmates. It is called Looking for Romance Come by and leave a thought. Smile Jassmine

6/24/2000: Sharon Oneal
Hello, I just read/found your 'Grasses' Site for the first time tonight and have now come to wander around here. Another winner! I have read 'Clearing Weeds' and 'Novice' by Nancy Clark and 'Quiet' by Alan Harris and enjoyed them immensely. I will most definitely be back. Thanks for this site also, what a pleasure to come and read words that are strung together to inspire and warm ones heart.

1/2/2000: Perry
Hello Allen, I just read your "The Scrooge Before Christmas" Essay thingy and I thought it was great! Very original, like many of the other poems on the previous page. I hope you continue with your writing.

1/2/2000: Marilee (Clark) Applebee
Hi Alan. Just checking out your "Heartplace" page after mom told me she had put one of her poems on this site. Thanks so much for your encouragement! She really loves her new? hobby of writing.

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