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When it has ended....

by Wendy Loh
Words decay as life is spun out
Frost settles and bits of amber die
A yearning heart seeks...
The ancient fountains flow ceaselessly
The music and harmony become a sightless song
Storms lashing vindictively on the ground.
I am the ashes and the dust,
The crimson petals that droop and wither
My eyelids are dappled with dew
My heart opens into my bosom.
The chilly north wind blows into my bones
And grieving souls flit past me,
Their anguished minds faltering.
Restlessly, I grope around
Hanging on threads of sanity
As my love departs
Fading like a drooping rose
Face falling, her cheeks show a sorrowful strain;
She lies in the grave as I.

Written in memory of Princess Diana

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