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The Inside Cry

by Jim Moore
A Ru is as alone
as he can be.

There was a time when
the Ru was the
corner post that held
all around him upright.

The Ru was the guy
that never showed fear.
The Ru never let
anybody see his fear.
The Ru never allowed
himself to think about
the fears that drove him.

Now the Ru
is showing his fear.
The Ru cannot get
the fear out of his thoughts
and cannot communicate
what his fear is.
Afraid to go on
and unable to talk,
the Ru cannot be content.

He laughs;
he jokes;
he is the blast--
but silently he cries.
The inside cry
cannot be explained.

The role the Ru
is playing in life is
nearing its end.
The Ru has almost finished
what he had to do.

The Ru had three
loves in his life.
The women
who found the Ru
were his first
taste of love.
The woman that married him
was his second taste of love.
Then the Ru had his third
and final taste of love:
his child.

The Ru did all he could
to be the parent
that he never had.
Now that the child
is almost grown,
the Ru cannot find peace.

He will hang in there
like all Ru's do.
The Ru will not give up.
The Ru may someday
face the fear
that drives him.

A Ru is as alone
as he can be.

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