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by Robert Esha
I lie with my life taken from me
by death in clear disguise.
Soul lost in hell
...yet I shall rise.
No way will I rest
until to all my sins
I shall confess.

My heart no longer beats
but, as still as it may be
the body I once lived in

The spirit inside of me
you cannot bury.
No way will I vanish
until I've fulfilled
my every last wish.

The life I once owned
now symbolizes the blackness
of a rose.
Though I lie deep in burial
immortality inside
of me grows.

No way will I die
unless I leave this world
head up high.

Now that I am a spirit
of the night,
life lost in which no one can redeem.
The more I cannot be heard,
the louder may I scream.

No more will I let death
come near
until I have stood up to
everything I fear.

But before I rise and stand up
to my fall,
I must greet the greatest
fear of all.

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