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A Chance Encounter

by Philip Bailey
The water, endless,...........stretched beyond their vision,
or silvery, white rushing clear in the stream,
was present at their reunion.

Their almost chance encounter,
on the beach....(where they talked miles through their lifetimes)
was begun by her simple wish,
"Let me just touch the water."

The water,
washing shells in daytime,
or soothing,
lapping just below their feet at night,
became their guide.

The water saw their first kiss
on the beach at night
and burst like a fountain
of stars into the heavens.

Later still, their passion fell endlessly
as a waterfall sound pouring its love again and again
on the new but reunited lovers.

Their cries of love,
ecstasy released into a
pool of water
before flowing, dancing
and laughing
over rocks
telling of their love
to the ocean
who has brought many lovers
to its side
to swim in water that seems,
as does their love,
to have no limits and no end.

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