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When Inmates Become Angels

by Nicholas John Street
A never-ending repetition
Of endless identical days
I live in a madhouse
Surrounded by those
Who occupy themselves
With superficial entertainment
Argue and bicker about trivialities
Divert their attention from what?

I stand and watch the door
It lies open before me
This moment has occurred
Many times before
A few steps
Feels like a thousand miles
Lord give me the courage
To enter the portal to infinity

Knowing there is escape
What self prevents me?
What unimaginable stupidity
Chains me to walls
Where there are no walls
And no chains?
I have to conclude
That my presence here
Is a conscious choice

I take one last look about me
These inmates prefer
An eternity in hell
Ignorant of an open invitation
To freedom
There is nothing more to learn here
I have served my time

I watch the door unflinchingly
Embrace it
With the totality
Of my awareness
And without moving
The door steps through me

Released from grey repetition
To a world of breathtaking colour
The inmates become angels

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