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Ode to the Darkness

by Lois Pedersen
There is beauty in the darkness, in the blackness of the night;
In its velvety embrace you can sense the awesome might,
It covers and protects as a mother's loving arms
If you only but surrender to its soft enticing charms.

There is unity in darkness which the light can pull apart--
With its lines of demarcation it can break a human heart.
So let the darkness nurture, let it weave its magic spell
As it softly covers over all the things that light might tell.

There is silence in the darkness, so profound, so rich, so full
That the wonders it engenders soon exert their vital pull.
From this womb-like place of birthing can come forth what life is needing;
One can enter it in joy as life's journey keeps proceeding.

Yes, there's birthing in the darkness as all seedlings search for light;
Soon will atoms, neutrons, electrons in the nucleus start their flight.
Then with swirling, twirling action does a genesis begin,
As new life forms rise in glory from dark mother earth's within.

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