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For My Beloved......

by Kevin Koh In-Chuen
but still

i do find solace in:
the kissing union of red and blue,
collaging a divine melting purple that straddles dusky azure.
upon soothing whispers of gentle breezes.
the sensual caress of dawn mists cradle respite through the
most bristling of lands.
the continual professions of undying adoration in the
thousand thousand fragile Wayang Kulits*
of leaves on trees that never lose hope in
striving for their own piece of heaven.
through the platinum veil of streaking
rain that is so ordained to drown
wanting hot earth in a passionate
enveloping embrace that
rend even the mighty heavens asunder

thoughts of you,
of us.
feelings that keep
us anchored in all
faith, good and hope.

*"Wayang Kulit" -- a traditional form of Indonesian folk theatre,
primarily utilising shadow-puppetry, usually telling stories of
epic romance or mythology

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