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Ronnie Discovered

by Johnny Sorehand
The feeling is much the same in the star places,
Ronnie discovered, flitting a few aeons away
In the moment spanning ravish and rapture
A bouncing tide of visions and notions
Every pixil a surge of seering pleasurgy
Something opening, something closing
Every minute at first
Then every second
Soon all of it so expasmic
That she couldn't distinguish one glowing tingle
From every other

Until that instant
When the columns and files and ranks of it ran so together
They formed a geyser of delight so dense it screamed to let go.
Or was it some splashing collision of particles
Sheer number of transcendant overcomings
That undid her?

No matter. It was spectacular
The glow from just her last squeal
Was brighter than anything ever seen before
In the cosmos

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