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No Sooner

by Johnny Sorehand
No sooner
Do we,
Youth Drunken,
Discover it
Sun burnished
Gale blasted to
Never trodden
But yes
Often ghosted,
Dream semblant
Murmursomely remembrant
Of warmsomeness
Sometimelessness ago
Familiarly deserted
Explorably lagoonic,
Buried, sunken
Cities, feelings
Digging, diving
Buried nervescapes
Fondly forgotten
Sometimelessness ago

No sooner
Than, poof,
Whatever 'twas
Once again
Is not,
In defiance
Of laws
Governing matter
And sense,
Dream and promise
We thought
Protected us

And we
Are left
Sails aflap
Aground between
Here and there,
Now and then
To murmur
Goodbye, goodbye

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