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king dan

by John Pillsbury
i was down by the lake- just takin' a walk
when up swam a fish and he started to talk
a talking fish? that's absurd
yet i know what i saw and i know what i heard
he said his name was old king dan
that he'd been there since time began
the people he's talked with it seems
became famous beyond their wildest dreams
wilbur and orville came to talk
he gave them plans for the kitty hawk
when he spoke with albert e
he taught him relativity
he drew maps for lewis and clark
he tutored young tom from menlo park
gave the wireless to marconi
taught oscar meyer to make baloney
he taught lindberg how to fly
showed sara lee how to bake a pie
taught ali how to fight
and bill shakespeare how to write
showed the babe how to hit
showed sitting bull how to sit
among others he brought to fame
knute rockne of notre dame
now i'm going to teach you- you brainless klutz
quit filling my lake with your cigarette butts

i haven't seen old king dan yet
that he's still mad is a pretty good bet
maybe it's just that he has nothing to say
haven't seen tail or fin of him all day
what's still wrong- this is just a hunch
he knows about the tuna fish i had for lunch

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