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by John Greer
I saw my son get shot tonight
While playing in the street
An automobile came driving by
A shotgun blew him off his feet

I stood and stared to make sure
It was he lying in the street
I walked up to look at him and saw
A lifeless piece of meat

I cried his name, I cried his name
But no sound came from me
All I could do was stand and stare
At this lifeless piece of meat

I thought of all the years
To raise this boy up on this street
All he is, all he will be
Is a lifeless piece of meat?

Sirens scream, people stare
The police mumble as they look down
Then cover the boy with this sheet
To hide the lifeless piece of meat

The ambulance is long gone
Stillness gathers in the night
No tears to shed as I look down
At the blood on the ground
Without my lifeless piece of meat

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