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A Christmas Feast

by Juanita DeHart
The manger held a banquet rich and rare
Exquisite was the stable's fine cuisine
No worldly restaurant could dare compare
It was the best the Universe had seen

The Bread Of Life lay in a feeding trough
This baby boy was nourishment to heal
Because he came, sin's weight was taken off
And hurting, empty, hungry lives were filled

This meal from Heaven sent to satisfy
Was sacrificed so freely from above
Down through the ages men have questioned why
God utters one reply, "Because of Love"

Now Love prepared a feast and served it up
This cherished child was called Emmanuel
Flesh lavished every plate, blood filled each cup
God with us face to face, on earth he dwells

Starvation of the heart comes to an end
For all who ask this Soul Food to come in

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