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by Gayle Watson
Delicate clouds float
in a sea of endless blue,
drifting . . . lazily,
no destination
in mind.

Glimpsed through brilliant
green, dappled with soft
golden light,
indolently shifting on
the whispers of a mild
summer breeze.

Fragrant blossoms blend
with earth and sun, creating
a warm, moist ambrosia
caressing and soothing
my soul with each breath.

"Relax", suggests the waterfall,
its spray enticing . . . coaxing.
Subtle moisture tantalizing
my skin and tongue.

"Release", breathes that gentle voice:
while the liquid of life
dances and flows
over many colored stones,
polished shiny and smooth.

Myriad of birdsong,
inherently clear and unrestrained;
cricket and grasshopper, honeybee,
join the hum and murmur
of timeless creation.

Ah . . . sweet serenity;
blended, coupled,
in harmony
with the universe
my imagination.

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