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Dawn to Dusk

by Gayle Watson
Ivory moonlight shines
feather soft upon your face.
Palely glistening shadows, lines
show secrets whispered in this place
of moments passed together here.
Times gone by when you were near
within my very blood somehow.
Dawn to dusk - moonlight now.

Starlight mirrors in your eyes
sparkles, twinklings of our time.
Soft caresses, breathless sighs,
myriad mountains yet to climb.
Blended paths which twist and turn
like lavish braids, here to learn -
entwined but each unique somehow.
Dawn to dusk - starlight now.

Moon, stars - beauties of the night,
fragile light steadfast and true.
All remains in our sight
for we are two of the chosen few
who will love together all our days
aware that there are varied ways
to love and share our lives somehow.
Dawn to dusk - love shines now.

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