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A Happy Little Story

by Coley Couture
This is a happy little story
Of a happy little town
With some happy little people
Just joking around.
They had their way
And they played there all day
With not a worry or care
I do say.

When these happy little people
Met some not-so-happy foes,
They evacuated the town
In some not-so-happy rows,
Since happiness was lost there,
Or at least for a short time;
The happy little people
Lost all happy little rhyme.

So unhappy was it
That they needed a boost
To another place, like
A happy little roost.
They searched the happy little planet
Left, right, up and down,
For more happy little people,
With smiles, not frowns.

In a happy little time
In a happy little place,
In a happy little corner
Of outer space,
They reached their happy goal,
They found a happy town,
With some happy little people--
But not joking around.

They asked, "What in the world
Is wrong with you?
Why aren't you playing and joking
Like you're supposed to?"
The answer brought the
Happy little people lots of shock--
This wasn't a town,
But a little city block.

"What is a city?"
The happy people asked.
For their knowledge of the world
Was kinda--really--masked.
The city-dweller people
Promptly answered the plea,
It isn't a place where
You're designed to be.

So the happy little people,
Left that happy little place,
In search of another
Happy little race.
They left the system
And galaxy too,
When they finally
Decided what they wanted to do.

"We need to find a planet
That has nobody there
And then we can start a new
Race, happy, little and fair."
The populous agreed
And off they would go,
In search of planet,
Empty, as you know.

Then the happy little people
From that happy little town
Found a happy little planet
Just orbiting around
A happy little sun
That was not too bright
And the planet's rotation
Was just right for night.

Yes, the happy little natives
Of this happy little place
Did not have technology,
Yes, a beastly race.
They bartered and traded
And then bartered some more,
But the natives revolted,
When they tried to lay a floor.

"You just can't live here,
This is our place,
Go find your own rock
Flying through space."
Those were the words
Of the native chief,
Which were beyond the
Happy people's conscious belief.

Said the happy little leaders
Shaking that man's hand,
"Why can't we all share
This perfect land?"
"We were fine without you,"
Said the pack's leader,
"Now please leave before
We get the egg-beaters."

So the happy little people
Left the happy little place,
And headed back into
Outer space.
They then, on the horizon,
Saw a perfect little place,
That was what they'd wanted,
For their happy race.

Once landed they will know
Exactly where they are.
They're back at their home
Planet, the one they left afar.
The moral of the story,
Is simple but it's true,
If you've got a happy planet,
You've got to see it through.

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