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Why God?

by Beth Pauli
To no impossible end
of stained glass colors
do I search for Thee.
It was Thee, when I
asked after lost innocence
with a shattered psyche,
that turned your eyes,
left me standing on my own
with only sins of past mistakes
to comfort me.
Down no strange path
of sharp rock splinters
shall I go for Thee.
It was all I knew
and all I was given to believe
and so believe I did.
With a satanic passion
I pursued a life of Thee.
A child not worth requited love
I now know.
A fool I was to believe.
A mere animal to allow Thee
into my self core.
Poison you are to me
and I do not wish
to be a human sacrifice.
I have slayed Thee
mighty villain.
Now my life prevails.

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